Worst Recession Since The Great Depression

Is it just me or does our first recession in 30 years not actually feel like a recession? From my office in Best Street, Devonport, I am observing many of our clients experiencing record months, a building industry that can’t keep up with demand, house prices at record levels and lots of confidence from almost everyone I talk to.


On top of this, the federal government has brought forward tax cuts and committed to spending billions to stimulate the economy.


I expect my experience would be different if I was in Melbourne, but I’m not and most of our clients are not. So, I am going to ignore the negative talk of recession and do my best to help our clients take advantage of the opportunities in front of them.


If you are unfortunate to be in a geographic area or an industry that has been adversely impacted, it is important to continue to look for opportunities. Remember that Google, Microsoft, General Motors, General Electric, Disney and Facebook were either launched in or shortly before a recession.



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