What next for our clients?

I started my first accounting practice when I was 27.
Since then, I have been involved with and ultimately been responsible for the preparation and lodgement of thousands of business and individual tax returns.
We lodged over 10,000 returns in 2000 alone!

As I approach “retirement”, I’m happy to say that in all that time, I’ve never had even one client suffer a full scale serious Tax Office audit. Whilst this may have involved an element of luck, our focus on quality work, educating clients and tax planning before the end of each year all contributed.
In an increasingly litigious environment, I’m also pleased to say that we have never had a current or past client take legal action against us for substandard professional work.

Over the years I’ve met some great accountants working in public practice, but I’ve also seen a lot of cowboys – accountants that push the limits too far, change the facts to fit the required outcome and generally do substandard work.

Since Deb and I announced our retirement, we’ve been working on a pathway for our clients to help them avoid the cowboys and continue to obtain great outcomes.
I’m pleased to advise that we have found a solution.
We’ve found a firm that believes in the same principles as us and has offered to take on our clients and some of our systems.

More details to come next week.



Unicorn Business Solutions are based in Devonport Tasmania, with clients around Australia.

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