What is the one thing you would do if you couldn’t fail?

What is the one thing you would do if you couldn’t fail?

What would you change in your business?
What are the ideas that you’ve had for years but for one reason or another have never seen the light of day?
What are the problems and people that you have tolerated for too long?

Take a minute to think about it.
Take a few minutes and write down your answer.

This is an interesting question that usually leads to an interesting answer.

You see; most business owners have big ideas to do great things but they never get to them.
They get caught up in the day to day, sometimes dealing with customers they don’t like and spending their days doing things they don’t like.

But, what is really interesting is the answer to the follow-up question: What is the worse that could happen, if you do this?

It is interesting because the worst-case scenario for most people (if they did what they really want to do) is not that bad.
It’s usually not significant and it is almost never fatal.
So, what’s stopping you?


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