The shortest distance between any two points is a straight line

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Why then do we allow our customers and potential customers to deviate from this straight line when it is more efficient and effective for everyone for them not to?


Some examples of a straight line sales process:


We have helped several builder clients create a sales process where they educate their potential clients and provide them with clear steps from the initial meeting to signing the contract. This has resulted in saving weeks or months, increased prices and less wasted time with “tyre kickers”. For the clients this has resulted in saving weeks or months, reduced stress, increased confidence and no surprises.


Some of our clients have had tremendous wins simply by controlling the sales process by always keeping the ball in their court. Instead of waiting for the prospect to call them back, they obtain agreement that they will call at a specific time to see if the client has any questions. This technique and other simple ways to control the conversation can have a massive impact on conversion rates and pricing outcomes.


Build a straight line sales system and a straight line delivery system and keep your customers on (your) track.


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