The One Thing You Need To Know…

In 2006 Marcus Buckingham wrote ‘The One Thing You Need To Know‘.

This book contains some great insights into leadership, management and personal success. 


Here is my brief summary of the key points:

The discipline of applying yourself with laser-like precision. 

Success, whether as a manager, leader, or individual, does not come to those who aspire to well-roundedness, breadth and balance. 

The reverse is true. 

Success comes most readily to those who pursue strategies that are intentionally imbalanced.

This focus, this willingness to apply disproportionate pressure in a few selected areas of your working life, won’t leave you brittle and narrow.

Counter-intuitively, this kind of lopsided focus increases your capacity and fuels your resilience.

Focus on passion, resilience, becoming an expert, personal and business success, and stop doing the things you aren’t good at.



Excel at turning a person’s talent into performance. 

Discover what is unique about each person and capitalise on it.

Employees must be convinced that their manager is preoccupied with making them as successful as possible.

To avoid failure:

* Select good people.

* Define clear expectations. Less than 50% of employees know what is expected of them. Gallup research – only 20% of employees are in a role where they have a chance to do what they do best every day. 80% feel like their strengths are not being utilised every day.

* Catch people doing something right.



Preoccupation with the future. 

A vivid image of what the future could be. 

Friction between what is and what could be, burns you up and propels you forward.

Restless for change, impatient for progress and deeply dissatisfied with the status quo.

Not only believe in a better future but also believe that you are the one to make that future come true. Discover what is universal and capitalise on it.

Three disciplines:

* Take time to reflect.

* Select heroes with care. Celebrate the right employees.

* Practice words, images and stories that when used to help us, will allow us to see the future more clearly.

Effective leaders don’t have to be passionate, charming, great speakers or brilliant.

They must be clear. Above all else, they must never forget the truth that of all the human universals – our need for security, community, clarity, authority and respect – our need for clarity, when met, is the most likely to engender in our confidence, persistence, resilience, and creativity.

You can be a leader and manager. Managers begin with the person. Leaders begin with the picture of where they are headed.



THE ONE THING – Discover what you don’t like doing and stop doing it.



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