Stop Losing Jobs on Price

Have you ever lost a job on price?

Worse still, have you ever lost a job on price and you lost the job to a cheaper competitor who offered inferior quality or service?

Rest assured, you are not alone as a small business owner. This is a common challenge that is raised when we do Strategic Planning Days with small business owners.

Recently this situation came to light with a small building company in their Strategic Planning Day.  They had a good business. They built good quality new homes and had many happy customers so much so that their marketing was purely based on referrals.

That said, they were genuinely frustrated at the hundreds of hours spent doing quotes for customers that they then missed out to a cheaper competitor.

This frustration was amplified when they won the job but after cutting their prices they were making nothing out of that job.

Sound like a familiar story?

Let us show you how to win the jobs you want at the price you deserve.

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