Social Media is a symptom, not a tactic

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I often have clients say they need to spend more time promoting their business on social media, or complaining they don’t have the necessary skills or an effective social media strategy.

I talk to them about developing a great story to tell and delivering something that no one else does so they have no competitors, but this blog from Seth Godin is the best response I have seen to those comments.

Often social media is where business owners with no compelling story and poor salespeople hide.

You need to read this before losing focus on the big picture:

Social media is a symptom, not a tactic – by Seth Godin

When your ideas are spreading, when your work is remarkable, when your organization has built a social ratchet that works, one of the side effects will be a significant social media presence. People will talk about you in ways that they like to talk… online.

On the other hand, if you spend all your time beginning at the end, grooming your social network, tweezing your Insta posts, hyping your tweets–nothing much is going to happen.

The simple proof of this is that brands with ten or twenty times the social media impact almost never have ten or twenty times as many people working as “social media specialists.”

And worth noting: The Mona Lisa has a huge social media presence. Her picture is everywhere. But she doesn’t tweet. She’s big on social media because she’s an icon, but she’s not an icon because she’s big on social media.

The narrative of social media grooming is a seductive one, but it’s as much of a dead end as spending an extra hour picking out which tie to wear before giving a speech.


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