Foundations For A Strong Building Business

This book challenges the way things are typically done in the industry:

  • Why mark-up and hourly rate pricing don’t work
  • Why you must charge clients for doing quotes
  • Why you can’t manage your business with a Profit & Loss Statement

and provides solutions to real practical problems experienced by every small building business:

  • How to calculate Work-in-Progress
  • How to avoid becoming one of the many builders that fail each year even when the industry is booming
  • How to attract quality clients
  • How to manage your business with only three numbers
  • How to know if you are making a profit
  • How to stop competing on price
  • How to avoid wasting time with tyre-kickers
  • How to get the best from your employees
  • How to become a better manager and leader

If you want to take your business to the next level and obtain the financial rewards and freedom you deserve, this book will be the best investment you ever make.

“That’s a 384% increase in profit just from selecting jobs that most other builders wouldn’t."

“They have been asking the wrong people for help – people who are suffering from the same problems as them. Like someone with a broken leg seeking out others with broken legs for help rather than an Orthopaedic surgeon.”

“Some of the biggest mistakes that builders make is playing the game where they do whatever the client asks and wants.”

“...but if was simple we wouldn’t be hearing one builder after another complaining about how lazy or stupid their employees are. For some builders this almost becomes a sport comparing their employee’s lack of initiative and laziness.”

“... still didn’t understand how the accountant had worked out the profit and how they could have such a large tax bill if they didn’t have any cash.”

If you own a small building business, then you simply must read this book. It contains unique content developed by Craig that simply does not exist anywhere else. It also contains content that isn’t unique – but in a format that is easy to read and understand specifically tailored to your building business.

It is practical and you will relate to it – and amazingly right now it is free. Completely free with no obligations or catches.

Craig Badcock, Author of Foundations of a Strong Building Business

The Foundations for a Strong
Building Business Resource Kit

The resource kit contains unique content that will enable you to transform your business and your life. You will never make another investment like this because you will never find another investment with this level of return on investment (ROI).

The content is practical and designed to implement immediately.

In the past this content has only been available to our one on one coaching clients - small building business owners with 2 to 20 employees that were prepared to invest $7,700 in a strategic Planning Day and up to $6,000 per month. Now, we have taken everything that we do with these clients and packaged it into the Foundations for a Strong Building Business Resource Kit.

So, what will you receive for your investment?

  • You will receive ideas that will transform your business and your life.
  • And you will receive checklists and templates ready to use today.
  • Despite the amazingly low investment you will receive a one on one remote meeting with Craig.
  • You will receive a customised implementation plan for your building business.
  • And you will receive personal email support on any topic for 3 months. That’s any topic, not just the content of the resource kit.
  • Plus, you will receive a weekly blog full of valuable information from Craig.

If you commit the time and effort to implement, you will recoup your investment maybe 100 or 1,000 times over. Learn how small changes in your business will increase profit by 35%. Learn how these changes can be accelerated to increase your profit by 384%.

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We promised free stuff in the book.

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Here's just a taste of what is included

  • You will receive a sales process flowchart and everything else required to increase your prices, increase your conversion rate, eliminate tyre kickers and be paid for doing quotes. What’s that worth? Some of our clients have reduced the number of quotes they did by 50% and also won more jobs at higher prices.
  • You will learn how to calculate WIP every month so that your figures make sense and you can actually manage your business and avoid unexpected and unpleasant surprises. What’s that worth? Some of our clients have received massive tax refunds when their end of year WIP was calculated correctly. Others realised that they weren’t making any profit when they previously thought they were – and were able to use this information to save their business.
  • You will learn why mark-up and hourly rate pricing methodology doesn’t work and more importantly how to price a job to ensure you make a profit. And this has been an absolute game changer for every building business that’s adopted it.


Our expert team providing you with content and support

Craig Badcock


- Author of Einstein and the Planning Day Guy and Foundations for a Strong Building Business

- Father of 5 children and conqueror of the Paris Roubaix cobblestones

- Conducted more than 200 Strategic Planning Days for small business owners

- Can recall Pi to 508 digits and a random 256 digit binary number in 2 minutes 20 seconds

- His team thinks he's nuts for that last one

Trisha Peper

Strategic Business Coach

- Oddly good at remembering lyrics

- Passionate about a healthy balance between fitness and enjoying life's pleasures

- Saints Supporter!!!

- Worked at Unicorn Business Solutions since 2016

- Dog Mum to Peta and Billie

Ryan Davey

Marketing & Tech Guru

- Designs technology to work so you don't have to

- Frequent actor: has played a drug-crazed maniac and a French revolutionist

- Previously managed a busy London Restaurant

- Thinks businesses wast a lot of effort marketing to the wrong people

- Bit of a geek if he's honest

Madeline Bennett

Client Services

- Part of a Guinness World Record for the most water-skiers towed behind one boat - 145 skiers!

- 2016/2017 Tasmanian Wakeboard Women's Champion

- Over 5 years experience at Unicorn Business Solutions (we lost count)

- Youngest of 3 siblings

- Travelled to 6 countries

Rowan Alexander

Strategic Business Coach

- Has a fishing rod in his office desk

- Consulted to 100+ small business owners over 7 years

- Founder of, a world first boat sharing service

- Owner of an online marketing business

- Better than average squash player

Peter Ward

Numbers Expert

- Love all things technology and accounting

- Completed Rotary's RYLA leadership program

- Proud father to a young son

- Play guitar and golf in my spare time

- Squash enthusiast


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