Sales – The Lifeblood of Every Business



Every business needs sales to survive, but to prosper we need a sales process that efficiently and consistently delivers profitable business.


My experience working with 100’s of clients is that sales is an area that can be improved to provide quick and sustained wins.


There is no one in sales that can’t be better at sales. And many of our clients have increased their conversion rate, increased their pricing and reduced their cost per sale by following the Unicorn Business Solutions 10 sales fundamentals:


1.Talk to the decision makers. It never ceases to amaze how much time people waste with people that can’t say “yes”.


2.Always leave the ball in your court. Even if the customer says they will call you back, ask if it is okay for you to call them if you haven’t heard from them by 3:00 on Wednesday. This will show that you are organised and prevent you from worrying and wondering if you should chase them up or not.


3.Whenever possible present the customer with options – give them a choice of “yeses”. This puts them in control and changes the psychology from will they deal with you or not, to how will they deal with you.


4. Transfer the risk. Every time a customer decides to deal with you they take a risk. Will you deliver what you promised? Will you deliver it on time? If you can transfer this risk to you through a guarantee or other means then it easier for the customer to say “yes”.


5.Be enthusiastic about your product. People buy on emotion and justify the decision with logic.


6.Stop talking when they say “yes”.


7.There is no objection you haven’t heard before. All objections can be classified as “no time”, no money” or “no need”. Make sure all of your salespeople have a response to each and every objection.


8.Educate your customers and provide value early. Your customers are not experts in what you do. If you don’t educate them, all they will be interested in is price because that is all they understand.


9.Develop and use a sales system. Your process with your rules. Make sure this includes making it ridiculously easy for a customer to say “yes”. Make it obvious where they sign or what they do next to proceed.


10.Ask questions to identify needs rather than wants. Ask questions and listen. Stop talking.


We have seen clients increase conversion rates from 20% to 50% and increase prices by 25%. We have seen this result in profit increases of more than 100% without changing anything else in their business.


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