Spending all your time fixing the wrong problem?

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In business you can spend alot of time and money ‘fixing’ the wrong problem?

Not so long ago we were approached by a house builder who was very worried about a lack of work ahead for the second half of the year.

This was a key concern amongst the normal issues experienced by many small business owners such as lack of quality employees, no budget, no KPI’s, not enough profit and working too many hours.

Our Action:

We suggested a Strategic Planning Day to develop a plan of what he was trying to achieve and to work out what was required to get there.

In the Planning Day, as promised, we focused on cost effective practical marketing strategies, but it soon became obvious that he didn’t really have a marketing problem.

He actually had a sales problem.

The Solution:

We were able to help him develop a simple sales process incorporating standard scripts, email templates and checklists.

This strategy was designed to increase his conversion rate of genuine enquiries to sales by 50% and when successful, would result in more houses than he could build.

How can this help you?

Well, we can help you with cost effective practical marketing solutions and/or we can help you to build a system to win more of the jobs you quote.

But, the real point from this case study is that all too often resources are allocated to solving the wrong problems.

This is why we insist on doing a Strategic Planning Day to understand everything before we help any business owner solve their problems.

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