Our 21-year journey

In September 2000, Deb and I started Badcocks Pty Ltd with a handful of clients operating from a spare room in our house in North Street, Devonport. 

Our vision was to help small business owners build a business that worked for them rather than the other way around.

We changed the name to Unicorn Business Solutions a few years later and we’ve experienced many highs and lows over the 21-year journey, but I’m proud to say that we have never lost focus on why we do what we do. 

Today I want to thank the amazing clients that came on this journey with us, particularly the clients that have been with us since September 2000. There are even some clients who have been with me since I started my first practice in February 1989! 

 Some of the many highlights of the past 21 years for me include:

      Client seminars and functions including our 2010 3 day business bootcamp at Cradle Mountain. This involved overcoming my fear of public speaking and was so well received that we did it again in 2012.

     More than 100 employees over the 21 years. They didn’t all leave as friends, but they did all leave with more skills and knowledge than when they started. Several went on to start their own businesses.

     Before we decided to simplify things, we had a maximum of 22 employees in Devonport, Melbourne, Hobart and Canada.

     Being early adopters of Xero and aggressively encouraging our clients to jump on board. For those of you that follow the share market, you will realise that buying some Xero shares at $4.50 in 2012 also needs to be on my list of highlights.

     Sponsoring RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) for many years and encouraging many young employees to attend.

     Writing a book for self-employed builders and working with not only local builders but also builders throughout Australia.

     We’ve won some awards along the way, but helping so many clients achieve more than they ever thought possible is what makes us keep doing what we do.


Here’s an extract from weekly blog number 41 in 2001 that I stumbled across last week. 

It provides an update on what we were doing then and some of you will remember Rod, Jacqui and Carolyn.

Badcocks Bulletin No 41 14th Dec 2001

Where is Badcocks Pty Ltd going and what does this mean for you?

Our recent expansion and move to 66 Best Street has led to many questions as to what I am doing! These changes appear to contradict my stated intention when I left Pinnacle Consulting Group Pty Ltd.

Firstly, let me assure you that I have no desire or intention of heading down the same track as where I previously was at Pinnacle. At Pinnacle I had 2 partners, was personally responsible for 125 business clients, and had responsibility for supervising or assisting with another 250 business clients and over 10,000 personal tax returns.

I am proud of what I achieved at Pinnacle (formerly Badcock McKay), building an accounting practice from nothing to a turnover in excess of $2,200,000 in 11 years. The business was sold to a public company several months after my departure. The growth was impressive but I don’t believe that the model was sustainable. 

In contrast, Badcocks Pty Ltd still have only 25 selected business clients! We have added Jacqui, Rod and Carolyn to our team since June but have only taken on 3 additional clients. We have increased our resources to enable us to provide better service and additional business development services to you.

Does this mean that we don’t want to grow? No.

As you will see from our Vision Statement and Strategies (below) we are keen to increase the size of our business. 

But we will only take on work for selected clients like you that meet various criteria. 

Our business will only grow if you recommend us to other businesses similar to you. 

You will not see us undertaking any major advertising campaigns. 

Since October 2000 I have invested heavily in information technology and developed a database and electronic communication systems that will enable us to cater for an increasing client base. 

Over this period I have tested various software and administrative procedures that will assist us in achieving our plan.

 We have been accepted by RAN ONE as the only Northern Tasmanian firm in their worldwide network of independent accounting firms.

The network specialises in business development clients and is the largest network of accounting firms with 140 firms in Australia and 1,200 throughout the world. 


Unicorn Business Solutions are based in Devonport Tasmania, with clients around Australia.

64 Best Street, Devonport

Mail : PO Box 511 Devonport TAS 7310 Australia