“Leave it to me. I’ll fix it.”

These are the devastating words uttered frequently by small business owners to their employees. They are devastating words for the business owner because it means they have even more work to squeeze in their day. They are devastating words for the employee because their employer has no confidence in them and they are never given the opportunity to learn. And they are devastating words for the customer because they have to wait longer because only one person can help them.


Why does it happen?


1. Not enough time to train employees.
2. What if I train them and they leave?
3. Employees not capable.
4. No process or system to follow.


Let’s take a look at these issues in a bit more detail:


1. Making time for the right training will provide a tremendous return on investment. Effective training is non negotiable and as soon as the employees increase their skills and knowledge they will free up time for the owner.
2. What if you don’t train them and they stay?
3. If that is true then free up their future, review your selection criteria and hire some new people. Be careful to adhere to Fair Work and other relevant regulations.
4. Why not? The reasons I hear include not knowing how to create and document systems, being too busy to create them and not thinking they are necessary. Hire someone to help and get it done.


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