It’s Time For Change

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The clocks on our wall have attracted a lot of comments which is good because that is why we put them there. They represent the locations of our team members as we are represented in Newfoundland in Canada (Christine) and Clark in the Philippines (Alexis and Lorie) and the rest of us in Devonport and Hobart. We now need to add a new clock of Ryan in Melbourne.

After more than 5 years with us in Devonport, Ryan has relocated to Melbourne and decided that the only way he could do that was to stay as a Unicorn. So, we now have a presence in Melbourne to help us grow our business in Victoria.

Ryan is the master of cloud IT systems and has helped many of our clients over the years to work from anywhere, so we don’t expect we will notice any significant difference.


Unicorn Business Solutions are based in Devonport Tasmania, with clients around Australia.

64 Best Street, Devonport

Mail : PO Box 511 Devonport TAS 7310 Australia