It’s easy to confuse lucky and clever

For most of us living in Tasmania, the last 12 months have been back to normal albeit with the inconvenience of no overseas holidays. For some, it has been better than the pre coronavirus normal with construction and other sectors booming and employment for everyone that wants a job.

For us, Melbourne suffering through more than 200 days in lockdown and Sydney now in its 9th week feels like a different world that is difficult to relate to.

It can be a mistake to think that our good fortune is because we are clever when we are just lucky.

We should enjoy and appreciate our success in Tasmania, but always strive to improve and learn and never become complacent or arrogant. Because one day our luck might run out.

I’ve occasionally seen the same thing happen with business owners where they came unstuck because they got lucky and subsequently thought they were cleverer than the reality.

Confusing luck with clever can lead to serious problems.



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