Is the crowd running towards a cliff?

I purchased my first house when I was 21 (and that was a long time ago). Since then, I have purchased multiple houses, subdivision land and more than 30 commercial properties in my own right, as well as with, and for other parties.
I have assisted many clients with the purchase and sale of their commercial properties.
I’ve also had residential and commercial buildings constructed and done several renovations.

And I’ve never seen the building industry and the real estate market as heated as it is right now.
It’s fuelled by historic low-interest rates, government grants and a fear of missing out.
People are happy to offer well above the asking price, pay 50% more than valuation 2 years ago and purchase without an inspection etc.

I have been fortunate that I have never purchased a property at auction or even where there was another purchaser actively interested.
My best real estate investments are properties that had been on the market for several years and where the “for sale” signs were wind damaged and faded.

Be careful following the crowds because the best opportunities are usually in the opposite direction.
I’m lucky because I can wait until I see more faded “for sale” signs.



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