Is riding an electric bike cheating?

Or is it just a better way to ride further and enjoy tracks you couldn’t previously ride to? In my case it was a way to ride with my 16 year old son without him having to keep waiting for me because of my bad knee.


It was a surprisingly difficult decision to purchase an electric bike, because having cycled thousands of kilometres without electrical assistance the idea of a motor did seem like cheating. Even now I try and ride using only the lowest level of power assistance to make it “fair”.


At Unicorn Business Solutions we sometimes use the tagline “Giving Business an Unfair Advantage”. But what is the equivalent of an electric motor on a pushbike for your business?


This could include developing a compelling reason why customers should deal with you. A reason other than being the cheapest.


It could include developing a compelling reason why employees should work for you? A reason other than paying the highest salary.


It could include developing your own market where there is always a waiting list to deal with you.


Send me an email if you would like some help to develop an unfair advantage for your business. I’m giving away a 3 free 1 hour workshop sessions in December to help business owners develop and articulate their unfair advantage. Just tell me what you do and explain what you would like help with.



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