Inside Out Construction Turns Upside Down

ABC Hobart reported this morning that local builder Inside Out Construction has gone into Administration resulting in clients with partially constructed houses and employees owed wages.

Unfortunately, this is likely to be one of many sad stories we will hear from the housing construction industry. Government stimulus to an already overheated market has caused chaos that could end up being another pink batts fiasco.

Inexperienced builders in mass have started their own companies to meet the demand and chase the rivers of gold. They started with 1 house and quickly sold 20. Everything looked great until the costs of houses they had already sold jumped 20%, the schedule was delayed by material unavailability, and they realised they had no idea how to manage multiple projects or run a business.

More builders go broke in boom times than quiet times because they can’t manage all the moving parts of their business.

If you know a builder that needs some help, ask them to send me an email and I’ll give them a free copy of my book, Foundations For A Strong Building Business. This is one of only 2 books ever written (as far as I can determine) specifically for house builders with up to 20 employees. Feedback from builders is usually: “Where is the camera? This book is written about me.”



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