This is an acronym that we have encouraged our business coaching clients to adopt in their businesses for the last 20 years. It is a one “word” strategy that if implemented will set them apart from their competition and from almost every other business that their customers deal with.


So what is IDWISIWD©?


Well you read it forwards and then in reverse: I do what I say I will do – when I say I will do it.


I read this quote yesterday from a speech from Charlie Munger (Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway) in 1986 that provides some great support:


“[If you want to guarantee a life of misery], be unreliable. Do not faithfully do what you have engaged to do. If you will only master this one habit you will more than counterbalance the combined effect of all your virtues, howsoever great. If you like being distrusted and excluded from the best human contribution and company, this prescription is for you. Master this one habit and you can always play the role of the hare in the fable, except that instead of being outrun by one fine turtle you will be outrun by hordes and hordes of mediocre turtles and even by some mediocre turtles on crutches.


“I must warn you that if you [do the opposite] it may be hard to end up miserable, even if you start disadvantaged. I had a roommate in college who was and is severely dyslexic. But he is perhaps the most reliable man I have ever known. He has had a wonderful life so far, outstanding wife and children, chief executive of a multi-billion dollar corporation….you simply can’t count on your other handicaps to hold you back if you persist in being reliable.”


Sometimes we make life and business too complicated!


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