I’d Never Recommend Anyone Own a Business

I was chatting with a former business owner of 18 years at a Christmas function on Saturday night and this is what he told me. 

He was reflecting on how difficult it was owning a business – working long hours, making less than his employees, being constantly pulled from one thing to another and having the buck always stop with him.

As a business owner for 32 years and having worked with business owners for this entire time, this caused me to reflect on how difficult owning a business can be.

But owning a business isn’t so difficult if you obtain assistance from the right people. 

Running a business without assistance is like learning to ride a bike or to drive a car without anyone showing you how. 

Done well, owning a business provides more money, more freedom, and more wealth than most of the alternatives most of the time. 

Our clients are encouraged to ask questions and our monthly meeting structure facilitates both questions and independent review. 

The results most owners have achieved have been outstanding.

If you’d like to understand how this works and to see if you qualify, send me an email and we can organise a video or face to face chat.  



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