How to Avoid the Doctor’s Waiting Room

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How much do you enjoy sitting in a doctor’s waiting room surrounded by sick people? How difficult is to get an appointment when you need one?


The GP system in Australia is clogged up by inefficient bureaucratic requirements resulting in GP’s being busy issuing repeat prescriptions, referrals to specialists, medical certificates and other procedural matters. In rural areas like Devonport where there are a lack of GP’s, this has resulted in long waiting times for appointments and many GP’s refusing to take on new clients.


I recently used an App called Instant Consult for a video consultation with a GP on a Sunday morning to obtain a repeat subscription. It took 5 minutes and cost $35. Note that there is no Medicare rebate applicable.


Instant Consult saved me at least 2 hours, the inconvenience of attending an appointment in a room full of sick people, and best of all (because I was unorganised) it enabled me to avoid running out of my medication.


The technology and process used by the App is simple and effective and the GP was interested, intelligent and spoke excellent English (often not the case locally).


This and other similar Apps look to me like the early steps towards significant disruption of an inefficient system with a terrible customer (patient) experience.


Are you disrupting your industry or at risk of being disrupted?  If it’s not one it’s likely to the the other!


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