How should businesses prepare for success in these unpredictable times?

It’s been a crazy year culminating in a crazy month of June to complete the financial year.

What a rollercoaster ride!

A booming economy with house builders booked out for 3 years, unemployment lower than it was before coronavirus struck in March last year, iron ore price at a record high, waiting lists for cars, boats, caravans and even timber. And now 5M people in lockdown in Sydney and community transmission cases in Melbourne, W.A. and N.T. and our 5% vaccination rate giving everything a very fragile feel.

So, how should businesses prepare for success in these unpredictable times?

The same way successful businesses prepared for last year and the year before. A clear plan based on KPI’s and a detailed budget supported by decisive leadership prepared to quickly adapt to change as necessary. And definitely not by succumbing to the uncertainty and deciding there is no point in developing a plan or setting targets and budgets.

Our most successful clients meet with us every month and work with us to measure what matters and set ambitious annual and monthly targets.

If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level, email me, and tell me what’s great about you and your business. I’ve got two days marked out in my calendar next week where we can organise a time to have a chat and see if you qualify for our program.


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