Great Feedback!

“We found both Craig and Trisha to be very approachable and we liked the way they delivered the information. I’m very excited to put these ideas to work and what it will mean for the business and our future.”


“It was great to be able to pinpoint obvious areas of our business that require attention and be able to have some systems to work on and implement moving forward.”


Great feedback from great clients at their strategic planning day on Thursday.


I am pleased to say that there is nothing unusual about the feedback, but there was something unusual about the planning day. It was our first planning day conducted via video (after more than 200 conducted face to face), and I was worried about not being able to maintain the energy for a full day via video and produce breakthrough ideas to enable the clients to build a business that works for them rather than the other way around.


We have done many Planning Days for small business owners outside Tasmania, but always involving either us or them travelling as video meetings were previously only seen as an option for shorter less intense meetings. This creates enormous opportunities going forward.


The clients last week were a small building business owners in regional Victoria that contacted me after reading my book, Foundations for a Strong Building Business. I now look forward to the opportunity to run more planning days by video for small business owners not in Devonport.


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