Get out of the way and let me do it!

Get out of the way and let me do it!

As a small business owner are you working very long hours and are continually reacting to client phone calls and “putting out fires”?
Are you stressed and under the pump yet your employees seem very relaxed which can cause your stress levels to rise even further?
You’re not alone! In fact a client we dealt with not so long ago was in this unsustainable situation and he sought our assistance.

We examined what our client was doing on a day to day basis and it was clear that he was working 70 hours per week “in” his business and no hours each week “on” his business. We also gave his 10 employees an opportunity to complete an anonymous survey to provide us with their view on the issues identified by the owner.

The business owner was reminded that he was the leader and he was the only person (with our help) that could effect change with our three recommended and simple techniques:

1. Don’t give answers:
Every time your employees come to you for answers and you give them answers, you train them to do the same next time. Instead, train them to only come to you with a problem if they also have a suggested solution.
They will quickly learn to think, and you will be free to do.

2. Never do failure work:
Failure work is where you ask an employee to do something and they either do it badly or not at all and you step in and do it. This encourages them to always leave the difficult jobs for you and generally diminishes their care factor.

3. Give clear instructions:
Tell them what to do, what standard to do it, when it must be finished and what to do if there are problems. An extra two minutes instruction time is usually much more effective than hours of wasted time and you sorting out the mess later. If you are giving instructions for the same thing more than once, create a system so this can work without you.

Our client implemented these simple techniques as a successful first step in building a business that worked for him rather than the other way around.

How can this help you?
Communication and people issues are always in the top three issues identified by every small business owner we have worked with.
Your employees can either give you their discretionary effort or not, and your role is to design and operate a business that encourages and receives this, because if you don’t, the best you will do is survive.

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By Craig Badcock


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