Even the best athletes have a coach

So, should every business owner also have a coach?


The answer to that is definitely yes.


But, what about the common reasons given for not having one? These include:

-I tried a business coach before and it didn’t work.

-I can’t afford a coach.

-I don’t need a coach.

-Now’s not the right time.


No need, time or money are the excuses we roll out whenever we don’t want to do anything. Unfortunately these are often things that we know we should do. These are the reasons we use when we accept that for us, near enough is good enough, and that high level achievements are for others. But, let’s examine the reasons in a little more detail:

-I tried a business coach before and it didn’t work. This is like saying that you tried exercise and it didn’t work. The evidence is irrefutable that the right exercise is good for you and will produce results that can’t otherwise be obtained. The same applies with the right coach.

-I can’t afford a coach. This is exactly why you need a coach.

-I don’t need a coach. This may be true in your case, but I’ve never seen any business or business owner that can’t be improved. A good coach will make you aware of upside you were never aware was possible.

-Now’s not the right time. If you wait for the right time you will never do anything. “Now” is the only time to start anything that is important.


Maybe we should change the question from: “Should I have a business coach?” to “How do I find a great business coach?”


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