Ball Tampering, Culture and Vision

The Australian Men’s Cricket Team have made the news again this week. Test Captain Tim Paine was interviewed about the pending release of a ‘Cultural Blueprint’ for the team to maintain standards.

“It’s going to be how we go about it, how we want to be seen and what we are about,” he said.

“We want to build a culture that makes people want to be better and produce not only better cricketers but better people,” he said.

“If we can do that, that’s the sort of environment people want to be involved in and that culture spreads really quickly through the team rather than having to try and sell your culture all the time.”

The furore in South Africa showed that the team’s culture was dominated by a senior member of the team who had influence over other team members.

What was expected of each player was not clearly articulated and the resultant standards of behavior were below acceptable levels.

As a business owner it’s important that your team understands the standards that you expect from everybody in the business.  That is, they understand the vision and culture that you want for your business.

When an issue does arise then the discussion is much less personal and by design easier as you have the framework in writing to relate back to during any discussion.

By clearly communicating this and measuring everyone by these standards then the document becomes a powerful tool.

These standards when ingrained ensure that the business can attract and retain quality staff whilst delivering consistently positive experiences for customers.

If every player in the Australian Cricket Team had a culture vision flowchart as per our Culture Vision Flowchart and team management had referred regularly to it then the ball tampering fiasco would never have occurred.

Take a moment to consider the following questions:

Have you got clearly defined standards for your team?

Are they articulated to everyone and regularly measured and reviewed?

If you can’t confidently say YES to either of these question’s now is the time for some action.

How does Unicorn Business Solutions help your culture?

Firstly, when we start working with new clients one of our initial steps is to undertake a Strategic Planning Day. This isn’t just focussed on culture or the numbers but a comprehensive analysis of your whole business and your current situation.

As part of the preparation you (the business owner) complete a questionnaire that delves into all facets of your business and beyond.

We then have your team complete an anonymous survey which assists us to identify the good (and maybe not so good) from their perspective. It’s a great insight into any issues but more importantly the solutions that can help drive your business moving forward.

Download our Culture Vision Flow Chart here… Culture Vision Flow Chart Example


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