Client Comments


Michael TruscottThe Tyre Solution
"Good to see the way we can break down the numbers into reportable ways.  Great to have different ways of looking at the financial side of things."
Sally ShawProperty Wise Launceston
Really interesting, exciting and hope for a better business future.
Adam HillsHills Garden Service
Informative.  Eye opening.  It was as I expected and I'm glad I did it early on in my business, not when it was too late.
Luke DaviesDavies Construction
Craig had some really good ideas that will get our business to where we want it.
Jared KempRedKem Construction
Very informative and looking forward to implementing everything we covered into our business.
Tracey GoftonKingborough Glazing
Enabling, visionary & inspiring - to get us on with doing what needs to happen in our business.  To make it all happen the right way.  Looking forward to seeing the benefits to us and our employees
Alan DickensDickens Constructions
An  x-raying experience.
Darren & Tania BellRetail Security Services
The Planning Day opened our eyes to some substantial opportunities, and importantly, how to action and manage them. We may not have been able to identify these opportunities without your expertise.
Geoff & Phillip ScolyerG & P Scolyer
You were prepared to support us when others wouldn’t. Your innovative financial solutions when no one else had the answers meant we could get our business back on track.
Anthony & Marcus BrandsemaJ & A Brandsema Pty Ltd
We have found this to be one of the most worth while activities we have undertaken since purchasing our business seven years ago


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