2,200km’s and a Strategic Planning Day

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We are thrilled to have many clients from around Australia travel to Unicorn HQ on the banks of the Mersey River in Devonport for their Strategic Planning Day.

That said, the convenience of having offices in Hobart and Melbourne allows us to also undertake Planning Days there as well.

Jared Kemp from Redkem Constructions in Brisbane travelled to Unicorn HQ in Devonport earlier this year for a Strategic Planning Day.

The Strategic Planning Day gave Jared a clear plan for the future, highlighted the importance of the key numbers to measure in his business and allow him to make decisions based on accurate data.

Jared found that from his Planning Day, he came away with practical and valuable recommendations that were able to be implemented immediately into his business.

Some of these included ‘the numbers’ but also related to sales, marketing and a pricing methodology that allows him not only win more jobs at a better price but also make decisions as to which jobs he should be taking on.


Watch the video below to hear from Jared about his Planning Day experience and how you too can benefit.


Why have over 150 small business owners decided that a Planning Day is the next step for their business?

Over 150 business owners let us discover the answers, create a plan and help them reignite their passion in their business.

They now have a business that works for them and not the other way around.

How? Through 150+ Planning Days!

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