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It seems that many CBD office workers and their employers have recognised the benefits of not working at the office. Coronavirus has accelerated the trend towards working from home and now the data indicates workers are heading to rural and reginal areas searching for better lifestyle options.


There are lots of winners from this trend, but a word of caution for employers allowing employees to work from home. What happens if an employee trips over the ironing cord and breaks their leg or chokes on an M&M? What if they are hit by a car while walking the dog on their afternoon tea break or even at 7:00 pm before intending to return and send some emails?


This is not my area of expertise and I suggest you seek expert advice, but these questions are raised by a recent successful claim for compensation by a Hydro Tasmania employee. He slipped on a wet log while walking his dog with his partner near Lake Rosebery at Tullah. At the time he was on call and this was sufficient for the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Tribunal of Tasmania to find in the employee’s favour, stating that he was “only in Tullah as an incident of his employment”.


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