10 one hour sessions

Two weeks ago I gave away 10 one hour (face to face or video) sessions to discuss any business problem or opportunity that was keeping business owners awake at night. The key issues raised were generally frustrations from not being able to successfully implement an existing plan or frustrations from going around in circles due to lack of a plan – “A plan without action is a dream. Action without a plan is a nightmare.”


These sessions were so much fun and the feedback so positive that I have decided to do it again, but this time just for builders and trade business owners. If you don’t own a building or trade business then please feel free to forward this offer to someone you know who does.


Just send me an email with your details and the topic you would like to discuss. I’ll select 10 responses and contact you to organise the details. As a bonus I will provide an e-book version of Foundations of Strong Building Business to everyone that requests a discussion.



Unicorn Business Solutions are based in Devonport Tasmania, with clients around Australia.

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